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The Book of Life and Day of the Dead

So if you guys haven't heard, they are releasing a new animated movie, The Book of Life. Well, if I can just say, I'm pretty pumped. After learning Spanish and more about the Hispanic cultures, it's pretty neat to have a movie with a Day of the Dead motif. Granted, I haven't seen the movie yet (it was released yesterday I believe), I can determine the candy skull design of the characters are pretty AWESOME!

However, it's kind of irking to have people see the Hispanic holiday, Day of the Dead as a Hispanic equivalent of America's Halloween. So here is a brief cultural lesson on the awesome holiday.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

  • Although the holiday takes place on October 31st (Halloween in the US) it also continues through November 2nd and is celebrated with prayer, family and friends and muchas fiestas! (lots of parties!)
  • The day is comparable to a Memorial Day as families gather to remember those who have passed, celebrating the living and the dead with food, music and other festivities. There is also a time where families will decorate and tidy grave sites.
  •, There are skulls EVERYWHERE! Elaborate skulls (sugar or candy skulls as most people know them) are used in decorations for the holiday.
  • Families will build altars for their dead relatives filled with their favorite foods and memorabilia celebrating them.


So there is your Dia de los Muertos lesson! Go online and look up some more info on this great and interesting holiday!

-- Taylor Anderson // October 18, 2014

New Music Nostalgia



As it turns out the boys from across the pond (i.e. One Direction) is releasing a new single from their new abulm, "Four," titled, 'Steal My Girl.' The song will be avaliable soon on October 12th. Also Pitbull & Charlii XCX are teaming up with 'Break The Rules' from Charlii's third album "Sucker" will be released October 19th.

So what else is there to say about new releases?

Nostalgia sets in as you think back to when you had to go to Wal-Mart to find out what artist had what new album. Or you could just dive in to your favorite magazine and read all the celebrity interviews to know when what was coming out. Just the other day I thought about when you had the scanners and headphones in the Music section of the electronics to listen to songs on the CD.

It amazes me how much our entertainment has changed. Now all it takes it a google search and BAM...artist, music video, songs, bio, pet's name, etc. is found. What happened to being a little excited or surprised when Brittany Spears came out with a new hit or BackStreet Boys made a new video and could be seen on MTV (Back when it was about the music, not pregnant teens and overly hormonal couples)? What happened to the radio being the gateway to new music? Nowadays VEVO has the latest video streaming on every FB page in America in a matter of seconds.

To me, I love thinking about new artists and new music. I do however miss the days where there was a surprise to what came out. The industry has changed and I guess I'll have to adapt. Although I shall never ever understand ITunes. I never download music and will just be happy with my radio or Spotify so I can be the dork that listens to Christmas Music year round!

What do you think? 

-- Taylor Anderson // October 7, 2014

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings have always been special to me ever since I was a kid. I remember waking up excited for Sunday School and waiting for my parents to take me to the little church down the road. My favorite memories range from being carried into church by my mamaw to riding the church bus on Christmas Eve with my dad and the little old ladies we were driving home. I remember on the radio they were broadcasting Charles Dickens, "The Christmas Carol" that night,  which added to all the magic of Christmas.

While I'm sitting here putting together the Sunday Program, with the variety of preachers from 7am to Noon, I think about what my family will be doing today. They would be getting ready for church in an hour or so, my papaw is probably enjoying his cheerios while watching his favorite televangilist , mamaw is making breakfast and my other grandparents are playing yahtzee (their morning tradition) before heading out to the church next door.

In the past month, my Sunday traditions have changed. I wake up before 5am, grab a coffee from McDonald's (usually a hazlenut iced coffee...a guitly pleasure) and make my way over here to the station. I listen to a total of nine preachers, evangelists, etc instead of the one I'm used to and go about my day. Even though it's not the church I grew up in, not the preachers I have known all my life, I still get to have church.

I think what I have taken from these past few weeks is that anyone can go to church anywhere. Especially in a studio of a radio station.

So tune in, find one of the nine programs you like, and just listen. Whether you're at home, on the road or leaving for church in the next couple hours, who might find more than one!

-- Taylor Anderson // September 28, 2014

New Music at the Station

So having worked here at WQHY for about a month now, I have realized that getting new music is like Christmas and Santa Claus is just letting it pour.

So among the newest songs for fall are:

Bailiando by Enrique Iglesias

(which is a Spanish minor is getting a workout...hehe)

Pitbull's Fireball

Waves by Mr. Probz

(I will never understand people using a 'z' for an 's''s the English geek in me I guess...)

The 1975's Girls

(Nifty group name if you ask me)

First Flight Home by Jake Mille

(Which is quite catchy and you can usually find me jammin' out to it in the hallway while on lunch...don't would too in a place where the music is played everywhere)

Calvin Harris has Blame

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Nick Jonas with Jealous

(wait...Jonas Bro Nick?....hmmm)


However, there is one that I'm absolutely in love with. Like Jake Mille's First Flight Home I try to play it twice in my shift just so I can start and end my day with it. I think I jam out to it more than ever and find myself singing it everywhere I go....and I mean everywhere.

So who is this songbird that has me torturing my fiance with my singing...especially when I can't remember half the lyrics and end up singing the chorus 15+ times????

None other than....*imaginary drum roll*

Trumpets by Jason DeRulo

So if you don't have it in your head by the end of the day....try harder!

-- Taylor Anderson // September 27, 2014

So having worked here at WQHY for about a month now, I have realized that getting new music is like Christmas and Santa Claus is just lettig it pour. So among the newest songs for fall are:

Bailiando by Enrique Iglesias

(which is a Spanish minor is getting a workout...hehe)

Pitbull's Fireball

Waves by Mr. Probz

(I will never understand people using a 'z' for an 's''s the English geek in me I guess...)

The 1975's Girls

(Nifty group name if you ask me)

First Flight Home by Jake Mille

(Which is quite catchy and you can find me jammin' out to it in the hallway while on lunch...don't would too in a place where the music is played everywhere)

Calvin Harris has Blame


Nick Jonas with Jealous

(wait...Jonas Bro Nick?....hmmm)


However, there is one that I'm absolutely in love with. Like Jake Mille's First Flight Home I try to play it twice in my shift just so I can start and end my day with it. I think I jam out to it more than ever and find myself singing it everywhere I go....and I mean everywhere.

So who is this songbird that has me torturing my fiance with my singing...especially when I can't remember half the lyrics and end up singing the chorus 15+ times????

None other than....*imaginary drumroll*


Trumpets by Jason DeRulo

So if you don't have it in your head by the end of the day....try harder! 

-- Taylor Anderson // September 27, 2014

Sony's Playstation TV

In my opinion, this is Sony’s best move so far…

Although there are already a handful of streaming boxes out there, mainly for TV, Sony is the first one to tie them into a game console experience. Dubbed “Playstation TV”, this small box is capable of streaming game content and video from your PS4 console to anywhere in the house that you hook up to it.  So for $99, you can buy this small box and basically replicate the abilities of your high end console. And thanks to PS Now’s streaming service, you can play PS Vita, PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games with this miniscule box.

What do you guys thinks about this? Does it entice you to invest in a Playstation?

-- Blake Bundy // June 12, 2014

Star Trek Warp Drive in Development

NASA has unveiled a 3D concept for a near future space ship capable of ‘warp speed’.  Dr. Harold White is working on solving a theory that allows faster-than-light travel based on Einstein's field equations in general relativity, developed by theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre.

A spaceship equipped with a warp drive would allow faster-than-light travel by bending the space around it, making distances shorter. At the local level, however, the spaceship wouldn't be moving faster than light. Therefore, warp drive travel doesn't violate the first Einstein commandment: Thou shall not travel faster than light.

Whew… not only is this space and time warping, its mind warping. If we are able to create a warp drive, we will be able to make it to the nearest solar system, Alpha Centauri in 2 Earth weeks.

Check out Dr. White describe all of his concepts and future plans for solving this issue:

-- Blake Bundy // June 11, 2014

Halo 5: Guardians Announced for 2015

Just this morning, 343 Industries announced their next-gen installment for the halo franchise. Titled Guardians, Halo 5 seeks to shed light on deeper fiction of the Halo universe and push the boundaries of console technology.

Running at 60 frames per second and boasting horsepower from dedicated servers, Halo 5 takes a massive leap out of its current format to provide players with an expansive open world experience.

As stated at the E3 press conference last year, and again in this announcement, 434 have said that our Halo journey will begin in 2014… Does this finally acknowledge the return of the series defining game, Halo 2?

There have been countless ‘leaks’ detailing that Halo 2 anniversary will in fact ship this year. It has even gone so far that industry analysts have claimed that the ‘leaks’ were controlled by Miscrosoft to increase the hype or anticipation for not only their star franchise but their newest console, the Xbox One.

-- Blake Bundy // May 16, 2014

Smart guns dumb idea?

We have all heard about smart phones, but what about smart guns?

In an attempt to more accurately regulate who can use the gun along with tracking the time of any shot fired, companies like Mossenberg aim to restrict use of a given weapon strictly to it’s owner.

There are a few ways to get this done. One consists of a wrist watch that emits a wireless signal that allows the trigger of the gun to be pulled as long as the watch wearer is within 10 inches of the gun.

Other companies such as Kodak travel a different route to the same goal. Instead of a wearable that would unlock the gun, they plan to add a fingerprint scanner on the barrel of the handgun, where your finger would rest off of the trigger.

The largest push for these heavily locked firearms stems from tragic events in which children may get their hands on a weapon and harm themselves or others. Another situation that would benefit from these smart guns would be an encounter in which the assailant attempts to use your weapon on you. Now, in this theoretical situation, the trigger would not pull since the owner of said gun is not wielding it.

The largest issue with this safety technology is the possibility of hardware failure. Technology has been known to ‘freeze’ up among other failures. This scenario could drastically affect the user’s ability to use the gun at all. For instance, if an intruder comes into your home and you go to use this weapon and it won’t read your fingerprint in time, things can get ugly quickly. Most people with anti-gun views see these weapons as a “seductive hoax”, providing people with a false sense of security…

Check out the article here:


-- Blake Bundy // May 13, 2014

Redundant game series receives a much needed overhaul

One of the most popular games of all time hasn’t changed in 10 years. And I think anyone who plays video games knows which franchise I am talking about… Call of Duty. Literally, the same code was used along with other assets such as animations and models over the course of 7 games. The base mechanics never changed nor did the theme. Even though the franchise’s total sales surpasses 139 million, the sales of the most recent annual installments have failed to meet projected sales numbers. This finally served as a wake-up call to Activision, Treyarch and Infinity Ward, the publisher and developers behind the massive franchise.

Capitalizing on the recent release of the “next-gen” consoles and the technology they possess, they have attempted to revamp the theme and mechanics of the game. The original 3 titles were set during WW2, while the most recent 7 have all been set in a modern era with current technology. Needles to say, this format grew dull and felt more like a content update than a full on sequel. Their latest title dubbed “Advanced Warfare” is aiming to provide the player with exaggerated abilities through the use of exo-skeletal power suits. Check out the announcement trailer here:

Although they plan to drastically change the way players move, run and jump with the aid of these semi-futuristic power suits, will the game differ enough from the previous formats of narrow corridors and completely static environmental pieces? Games like Battlefield 4 and even Grand Theft Auto allow for destruction of objects in your level while Call of Duty has consistently forced players down the same paths and lines of sight with immovable cardboard boxes etc. With the horsepower of these “next-gen” consoles, I think they would be making a grave mistake by not allowing the player to forge his own path in the world.

What do you guys think? Comment on FB and let me know your opinions! Until next week!

-- Blake Bundy // May 2, 2014

Professional gaming becoming a sport?

Welcome back everyone!

Just to clarify some things from my last post… These blogs won’t be daily; they will become bi-weekly. Also, I realized you cannot post a direct reply on our blog, so you can choose to put your responses on the FB link provided.

OK let’s get into it. For the last 10-12 years competitive gaming has found a home on massive stages in front of cheering fans and even on ESPN with a top 10 weekly best plays. Popular leagues such as MLG and AGL have both on and offline tournaments for everything from cash to prizes not to mention, bragging rights! My question has always been, when will professional gaming be recognized as a sport?

In my defense, if golf can be considered a sport along with other whacky Olympic games, why can’t gaming be considered one? Consisting of everything from team work, communication and a high skill curve to hand-eye coordination, speed and accuracy, competitive gaming is every bit as much of a sport as the aforementioned games. I’ll defend this to ‘til death.

Well, today must be the day when it all starts to come together. As if landing air-time on ESPN wasn’t enough, professional gaming has now gained a spot in the X-Games in which player’s, err… athletes, will have the opportunity to compete for medals! If only we could solve wars in such a digital manor…

Until Friday folks!

DJ Bobaluga

-- Blake Bundy // April 28, 2014

Future of travel and interaction?

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our daily blog that will be covering everything from conspiracies to cutting edge technology and more! I will be your guide through the weekdays as we discuss the most intriguing and bizarre news out there!

For my first post, I felt compelled to spread the word about the acquisition of the virtual reality headset named the Oculus Rift by Facebook for a whopping $2 billion...

Check out the details of that purchase here:

My focus won’t simply be on the purchase itself, but on the implications that arise when such a massive social network driven company purchases a technology that can virtually, no pun intended, transport a person to anywhere their minds can imagine. Keep in mind, this headset covers your complete field of view and is accurately tracked through motion sensing technology to determine what image should be projected into your view port.

First let’s touch on the travel experiences that will be able to be provided to you as you sit or stand in your home. Imagine being able to warp instantly to a court-side seat at your favorite team’s live game. With a 360 degree camera, FB will easily be able to sell one physical court-side seat millions of times for users that log-in and purchase their ticket o the game virtually. I’d love to watch some big UFC fights at ring-side anytime!

Never seen the Great Pyramids at Giza? Log on and walk around the base of them without having to leave your house. A technology similar to Google Map’s streetview would be more than sufficient to capture and transmit these physical locations in a virtual world. Walk on the Moon or Mars, check out the Eiffel Tower and even walk on the Marianas Trench at the moment of your choosing.

Now let’s ponder on the interaction and social capabilities. A lot of people take advantage of the video call feature provided by Skype and other programs to see a loved one’s face that may be thousands of miles away. With the Oculus Rift, you will be able to sit down on your couch and look to your side and see that loved one joining you in watching a movie or enjoying an array of other experiences together.

With the addition of movement tracking provided by technology such as the OMNI, an omni-directional treadmill, people will be able to run around together playing laser tag, exploring new worlds or just stroll together along the tops of skyscrapers.

All of these technologies are seemingly coming together at precisely the right time, hence the massive $2 billion FB investment. They must see HUGE potential.

That’s it for today folks, thanks for the read and feel free to comment and let me know what you think about this potentially world altering technology!

DJ Bobaluga

-- Blake Bundy // April 25, 2014

What Happened to the 90's?

So I'm in the big ole wally mart on Friday Night (yes, I am a middle aged mom and like to go pace through the produce isle for fun on Friday Nights.... judge me.)

Anywhoooooo my Fiancee was with me (I know, fancy date I spoil her.) When we decide we should improve our board game collection, with some of the classics. We arrive to the isle where I expect to find my classic games, so I can get out of the store...... but wait.... what is all of this CRAP!? Since when does Monopoly require batteries and no thought?!,

Everything is electronic. I could not find one classic game in this store! The store where you are supposed to be able to find anything in the history of the world! The store where you can find every freak in town, but not a single classic game...... you may be thinking that I laid down in the floor and threw a fit.... well you would be right.

After searching the town over, I finally found classic games. The classic Monopoly, Clue and Life.

My point is deep down I'm jealous I actually had to learn how to count money to play Monopoly and couldn't just swipe a card...... lol

-- Josh Good // September 9, 2013

Celebs Doing Good.......

I found this online today and thought I would share just another example of how celebrities are using their fame and fortune for good!



Hi Everyone,

It's been so amazing with the new album coming out soon, I wanted to take a minute to give you an update on the Avril Lavigne Foundation. Last summer I had an awesome time visiting Easter Seals Camp Oakes in Big Bear, meeting with the campers, the volunteer staff and learning about their camp experiences.

One of the things I learned while I was there was that while everyone loved summer camp, some campers were not always able to attend or return to camp because of the cost. Since then, the Avril Lavigne Foundation has been working with Easter Seals to identify how we can help!

That's why I am so proud today to announce the CAMP S.T.A.R.S. program, which stands for Summer Time Avril Rock Stars. Thanks to your support, we are going to help send 50 kids with disabilities to camp this summer who otherwise might not be able to afford it! Our CAMP S.T.A.R.S. will head to camp at 5 sites across the U.S. and Canada. You can learn more about this program here.

To celebrate this announcement, we've also created a special video for you from my visit to Camp Oakes last year- watch and share,if you're as excited as I am about the CAMP S.T.A.R.S. program!


-- Josh Good // June 28, 2013

The Traveling Radio Guy

Coming soon here to the Blog page..... I will be featuring places to travel to that are within driving distance. It will include some things to do while you are there, places to eat and where to stay!


If you have any ideas of places we should visit/feature feel free to drop me a line!


-- Josh Good // June 13, 2013

How to be a hero

Yesterday, I wanted to sit down and write a blog post about the connected human experience of dealing with natural disaster. I wanted to appeal to readers in the region to help Q95 FM with the relief effort that Josh has put together, because we are freshly familiar with the feelings that followed the spate of storms that spawned tornadoes across Salyersville and West Liberty.

But that was before I heard about the firefighters in West Liberty who are taking action themselves. It was bound to happen: after such a tragedy, after pulling itself up by its bootstraps like it did, and after the experience left it understanding the value of a helping hand, of course the good people of a community like West Liberty are going to reach out to Oklahoma.

Taking action is how we transcend empathy. Please, if you haven't already, visit our relief effort page for the details about what we're doing and the role you have to play to make it happen. Check back there and on our Facebook for more info about when and where you can donate.

If you find the actions of these West Liberty firefighters to be heroic and admirable, remember that you can do the same.

Even if you can't make it out to any of our coming locations, remember you can always text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross to support their efforts.

-- Aaron Nelson // May 24, 2013

Worth Watching: Stand Up Guys

Hello all and thanks for reading the second edition of Worth Watching. This week I chose 2012 crime “dramedy” (comedy-drama) Stand Up Guys.

Now, at first glance, this looks like a movie about old gangsters seeing as the two leads are Al Pacino and Christopher Walken, it is very easy to make that claim. Now I will not dispute that fact but it is so much more than that.

Pacino being my favorite actor, it could be said that I am biased, but I must say it is one of his best performances in years. Walken hasn’t been this funny since Joe Dirt and he wasn’t even trying this time. The movie is tagged as a crime comedy but there is far too much soul for it to be just a funny picture. It is hard to identify where I went from average observer to totally enamored with the film, but once I did, the world could have set ablaze and I would have still been watching.

Find your copy how you choose, the one I watched was from Redbox.

-- Justin Cook // May 24, 2013

Worth Watching: Cloud Atlas

Hello all,

Justin Cook here and as it is pretty easy to tell from the On Air Reel to Reel Challenge, I am an avid lover of movies. This is my blog series where each Friday I bring you a movie that is worth watching, most of the time expect it to be something that just hit theaters or DVD but every once in a while, I will bring a cult classic into the mix.

This week I finally got to treat myself on something I have been waiting for since last summer, Cloud Atlas.

It stars Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant, Halle Berry and many other terrific actors in a trek across time to tell the story of how we are all connected by more than just where we were born, how we were raised or even what we believe to be the true true (watch the movie and that will be hilarious). The original book was a book of the year in 2004 in the UK and has been on my needs-a-movie list for a very long time.

The movie itself is a bit on the long side but if you have the time (just shy of 2 1/2 hours) then I highly recommend turning the lights off, putting your phone on silent and grabbing some popcorn because it is definitely worth the watch.

So get your copy however you choose, I know for a fact that Warner on demand has it available on YouTube for a small fee.

I'll see everyone next week for the next installment Worth Watching...

-- Justin Cook // May 17, 2013

Down the rabbit hole of network news...

File this (alongside Josh's post about the A.J. Clemente saga) under "things news anchors do to make you shake your head." Except these two are cable news pros, and their actions are less reprehensible and more... strange.

In the flurry of coverage following the Cleveland kidnapping escape, both HLN's Nancy Grace--no stranger to stories of brutal crime--and CNN's Ashleigh Banfield held what was, ostensibly, a satellite remote interview, replete with split screen shots  and earpieces.

But they were both reporting from Phoenix. No big deal, they're there to report about the Jodi Arias case, and Phoenix is a big city... but video evidence of the vehicles passing behind them shows very clearly they're reporting from the same parking lot, just a few feet apart.

Why two reporters from cousin networks covering the same story in the same time and place required two completely different mobile sets right next to each other, and opted to fake a satellite interview instead of just sit down beside each other, is one of those brain-teasers that those who value their sanity shouldn't spend too much time thinking about. Leave it at this: network news can be treacherously stupid.

The Atlantic Wire has all the details, GIFs, and even a convenient map estimating their locations in the parking lot.

-- Aaron Nelson // May 9, 2013

Artist of the Month page for May

This time a year ago, we would pick a featured artist almost at random and give you a music video.

But, like almost everything on this all-new, we took a step back and tried to take that idea up a level... or two. At the end of the day, this is your website, really, so first and foremost, the choice is now up to you. You'll notice at the bottom of the AotM page that there's a poll running, where you can tell us any time who your favorite artist is. There are a few choices, but you're free to pick "other" and write in anybody.

We'll also run a poll on Facebook every month, where, again, we'll get the ball rolling with a few ideas, but you'll be free to write in any choice you have. This month, though voter turnout was less-than-optimal, we had a clear winner through the Facebook poll, and so the next Artist of the Month page has been written.

And now, that means a slightly more in-depth look at the act's roots and rise to fame. They're fun for me to write, so I hope they're fun for you to read.

The writeup for May is waiting in the wings over at the Artist of the Month page. If I'm not terrible at my job, it should switch over from Macklemore to the new artist at midnight tonight. 

And just who is featured for May? Well, if you saw the poll on our Facebook, that should be pretty clear.

And, as always, if you have any recommendations for how we can make the AotM voting system or feature page better, just drop me a line at or write to me through our contact page.

-- Aaron Nelson // April 30, 2013

Watch Out Viewers/listeners

Ok... so today let's talk about this guy who has been making his rounds on the national news circuit.

Incase you have been under a rock and have missed his back story.... it goes a little something like this "idiot didn't have an IFB" (that's the ear piece news anchors wear) there was also no floor director or anyone to cue him.... and his co anchor didn't have an IFB in either. Point being they had no clue what was going on..... I'll compare this to driving a car while blindfolded.. it's doable, just not recommended. lol

This guy should have known better... the first rule of broadcasting that you learn is that you always pretend like the microphone is live.... never say anything you don't want your momma to hear!

This guy broke that rule... as a result he lost his job..... instead of him spending the next week begging people to hire him. This guy is making his rounds on shows like "The Today Show" "The Late Show" "LIVE with Kelly and Michael" and so on.

Instead of this guy being punished for what his former employer will probably have to pay thousands of dollars in fines for. This guy is in a way is being rewarded with all of this national attention.... and I'm sure an awesome job offer will come up in the coming days.

My point.... yes I do have one lol.... Newsrooms and broadcasting outlets all across the country need to keep a close eye on employees..... and listeners/viewers need to keep a close eye on their favorite station and hold them responsible.

This could have given some employees the wrong idea of "how to get famous in this business"

Just a thought.....

-- Josh Good // April 25, 2013


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Here you can find the latest in what is on our minds here at Q95..... which lets be honest, our minds are scary places! lol

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We look forward to hanging out together right here on the Blog page!

-- Josh Good // April 24, 2013


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