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Aaron K. Nelson


  • Age: 24

  • Education: I've been an eagle all my life--from Central Elementary in Paintsville, to JCMS and JCHS, to Morehead State University. I received my B.A. in communication from MSU in 2011, and I'm now working towards my Master's.

  • Been at the station: A little over a year. More, if you count the summer before that.

  • Identities: Computer nerd. Dog person. Car guy. Boyfriend. Polymath?

What I do here

Bear at picnic table, text reads I built this with my bear hands

You're looking at it. This whole website is my year-old baby, made completely from scratch (though it makes use of some wonderful third party services and plugins) and it continues to grow and improve every single day. I also manage our social media accounts.

When we solicit your opinions, like in that message across the top of the page, we genuinely mean it when we say we want your feedback. Every opinion counts and every criticism is considered, so please, take just a moment to visit the contact us page and tell me what you like, what you don't, or how you think something can be done better. Include some contact information if you'd like someone to get back with you.

Like what you see? If you have (or want to have) a business or personal web presence--be it a full-fledged, feature-rich website or just a social media page--and you'd like to enlist me in creating or improving it, contact me personally at and I'll get back to you in short order.

What I do when I'm not here

I enjoy...

... listening to:



... playing:



... watching:



... reading:



... working on:

My personal website, for starters. Soon, will be a repository of my web design work, résumé, personal info and more.

1963 Chevy C10In the near future, I'll be hard at work breathing new life into this old truck.

  • 1963 Chevrolet C10
  • Shortbed, stepside
  • 454 c.i.d. BBC (7.4L)
  • TH400 (3AT)
  • Disc front brakes
  • Gas tank moved under bed


And in the rest of my free time, you'll likely find me in a pile of homework, or doing my most important of civic duties:

XKCD Comic
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