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Amanda Mullins

Me at the station

1. Your home town? Garrett, Ky.

2.,What's your sign? Taurus

3. How did you get into radio? Well, I was looking for a job, and was listening to my favorite station, and they ran a ad for a part time broadcaster. I showed up and got hired. I have been apart of the Q95 FM team for almost 3 years now.

4. Who was the biggest influence in your career? That would be Chris Slone--he taught me everything about radio.

5. How old are you? 26

6. Do you have any kids? Yes, I have three daughters, their names are Vannessa, Alexis ans Kristina (the twins)

7. What is your favorite type of music? I'm a rocker at heart, love Metallica, Ozzy, Megadeth, Shinedown, In this Moment (but I like a little bit of everything. My favorite band is Evanescence!!!)

  • 8. Favorite color? Blue

9. What do you do at Q95FM? I am a middle or night shift broadcaster, I have done just about it all... weather, news, announcement, commercials programming (Rick Dee's, Backtrax USA, Sunday programming), and much more.

10. What is your favorite Food? Chinese food or Mexican or Snickers (don't come between me and my Chocolate!!!)

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