To the moon we go!


NASA has invited Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39A.

They will mark the precise moment today, July 16, 1969 —at 9:32 a.m.  — that their rocket departed on humanity’s first moon landing with mission commander Neil Armstrong.

It will kick start eight days of anniversary celebrations for each day of Apollo 11’s voyage.

Also Tuesday morning, 5,000 model rockets are set to launch simultaneously at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. At the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, Armstrong’s newly restored spacesuit goes on display.

Wildflowers to Wild discovery!


Western Kentucky mom was gardening with her two year old daughter when they discovered a new species of bug. Dr. Laura Sullivan-Beckers is a biology professor at Murray State University and thanks to some help from her daughter Sylvie Beckers, next month Dr. Sullivan-Beckers will add introducing a new type of Treehopper bug to her resume. Dr. said she and Sylvie had just planted wildflower seeds and it was Sylvie’s job to water the flower bed. The THEN two year old flooded the flower bed, accidentally bringing the new Treehopper bug to the surface. Dr. Sullivan-Beckers said she’s studied Treehoppers before and this particular version was not one she’d ever seen before.

After sending off her specimens to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for further inspection, Beckers received confirmation of her new discovery leading her and her daughter to the fun part, personally getting to name the species. She chose to dedicate it to the toddler who made it all possible.The pea sized Treehopper species is called Hebetica Sylviae after Slyvie, who, herself, was a pea sized discoverer.

J.M. Feltner 4-H Camp-donations welcome!

J.M Feltner memorial 4-H camp in Laurel County is asking for any donations to try and help send children to their Summer Camp this year. Camp facilities include a heated dining hall, a multipurpose building, the shelter house, nature building, new cabins with storm bunker, country store for souvenirs and snacks, and a swimming pool with water-slide. A 1 ½ acre lake provides opportunities for fishing, canoeing, paddle boating, and pond studies in nature class.

Murder in Bobby Davis Park

Hazard Police Department have obtained an arrest warrant for a man wanted in connection with the murder Marlena Holland, 37, from Perry county.

The murder happened at the Bobby Davis Park in Hazard on Sunday.

Police are looking for Anthony Lewis. He was last seen wearing a green button-up shirt, jeans, dark work boots, and a dark ball cap.

Lewis is considered dangerous, may be armed, and  has a criminal history.

Information led police to Bobby Davis Park where they found the 37-year-old woman who appeared to be beaten to death.

People are collecting donations for Holland’s funeral. Anyone who wants to give can stop by the front desk in Hazard City Hall or call (606) 436-3171.

Pride Prom @ Coal Run Community Center-July 12

Coal Run in Pikeville and Pride organization is hosting an inaugural prom to raise money and celebrate the LGBTQ community, today, July the 12th!

The Pikeville Pride Prom will take place at the Coal Run Community Center on 105 Church Street from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. People of all ages can attend, but children who are 16 years old or younger must be chaperoned by an adult. Tickets range from $10 for youth and $20 for adults. Adult who kindly wishes to sponsor a ticket for a young person can pay $30. It is intended to be a fundraiser for the city’s second Pride event, which is scheduled for Oct. 12. Along with dancing, the prom will feature a raffle, food and a silent auction, with bidding items starting at $1. According to event organizers, the dress code is “as casual or as extravagant as you please,” and bringing a date is not required. LGBTQ allies are welcome and ALL are welcome!

Paul B. Hall employee pleads guilty

November 2018, Kelsie Spencer, 24, of Mine Fork Road, Salyersville, tampered with the consumer product butorphanol tartrate, also known as Stadol, a Schedule IV controlled substance, by removing vials of the drug from a supply area at Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center, where she was employed at the time. She used a syringe to inject a saline solution back into these vials in an effort to conceal this criminal activity.

Tampering with a consumer product includes a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. To that count, court records show, Spencer has plead guilty.

Stonecrest RC Flyers

A local club in Prestonsburg just held its largest event of the year!!

A community based outdoor hobby, filled with fun, food, fellowship and remote control aircrafts!

Stonecrest RC Flyers, were formerly known as the Jenny Wiley Flyers. They are a local AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) chartered club that gives its members, as well as others in the community, an  awesome opportunity to come out and learn all about how to operate radio controlled airplanes, helicopters and multi-rotors.

The club recently held its annual “Fun Fly” event where the club took a portion of the funds generated and donated it to the local veterans group in Prestonsburg. It is the club’s largest event every year, but there are many smaller events held throughout the year.

Anyone interested in finding out more information about Stonecrest RC Flyers, or interested in joining, call, (606) 205-6950, or visit the club’s Facebook page.

Fatal crash resulting in one death and five injuries

Sequoyah Collins, 24, appeared in Fayette District Court where she faces a DUI charge after being at fault in an early morning crash that resulted in the death of 10 year old Alexia Gomez Hernandez and also injured 5 others.

Police say witnesses told officers Collins was speeding and ran a red light before hitting the other car that was attempting to turn left from Tates Creek Road onto Lansdowne Drive.

Collins’ arrest citation states she admitted to having two drinks approximately an hour and a half before the wreck. She had a strong odor of alcohol and also showed signs of being unsteady alongside slurred speech. the 24-year-old refused to take a breath or blood test.

The judge suspended her driver’s license as the case goes through the court process. Her next court date is set for July 16. Lexington police say Collins could face additional charges.

USE CAUTION: Mountain Parkway and KY 1010

DRIVERS! The Mountain Parkway and KY 1010 at Exit 53 in Wolfe County will be under major traffic pattern change, as work continues on a pavement and bridge rehabilitation project between Stillwater and Helechawa (exits 46 and 57).


Beginning July 11, traffic on the Mountain Parkway will be diverted onto the exit ramps at the KY 1010 interchange AND KY 1010 overpass will be closed Thursday and Friday to allow construction of temporary connectors to allow through KY 1010 traffic to use the ramps as a temporary detour while the bridge at the interchange is demolished and rebuilt.

You will be unable to proceed beyond the Mountain Parkway overpass on Thursday and Friday.

ANY Northbound KY 1010 traffic will be required to enter the eastbound Mountain Parkway and can use KY 205 and KY 191 to reach Hazel Green. Southbound traffic will be required to enter the westbound Mountain Parkway and can use KY 191 and KY 1812 to reach Malaga and the southern end of KY 1010.

Friday afternoon, KY 1010 will reopen to through traffic ON  the Mountain Parkway ramps and temporary turning lanes.

Drivers are reminded to ALWAYS pay attention to:




All work is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 31.

Lexington, Ky-Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award

Rachel Seevers, 17, of Lexington, Kentucky, received a $50,000 Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for designing, building and testing a rigid, energy-efficient prototype of an underwater propulsion device that mimics the way jellyfish move through the water. This could allow for greater access to the world’s unexplored oceans.