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Kentucky legislature set to discuss redistricting, gaming, pseudoephedrine and more

As Kentucky's state legislature is set to convene again soon, first on their list of goals is redistricting. Speaker Stumbo says eastern Kentucky will be on the up for consideration since there has been a decrease in population. After that, many of the year's most popular topics will be addressed, like gaming--something the House has passed before but the Senate has turned down.

But one of the most controversial issues that will be discussed centers around the meth-making ingredient pseudoephedrine. A proposed bill would ban the sale of the drug over the counter. Now that Kentucky currently ranks fourth in the nation when it comes to meth production, will this be the year it passes? Speaker Stumbo, who is in favor of this bill, doesn't know if it will pass, but he does believe the session will produce a new, comprehensive bill to combat drug abuse.

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