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Winter weather calls for a whole new kind of driving

It’s that time of year again, when the snow falls and the number of accidents on Kentucky’s roads starts to rise.

Slushy accumulations will make roadways difficult to navigate, reduce tire traction, increase required braking distances and, at times, may limit driver visibility. Motorists must take extra caution when headed out under these conditions.

  • Always check your tires' air pressure and tread depth to make certain that you have the maximum amount of traction available. Consider investing in a set of snow tires, specifically designed to grip better in snow.
  • Top off all your fluid levels, including the windshield washer fluid, and check and double check your battery to make certain it’s in good condition for cold starts.
  • Fuel lines may freeze as well, so try and keep your tank at least two thirds full. Keeping your gas tank full has the added benefit of allowing you to run your engine and keep the heater on if you run off the road or get stuck.
  • Check your mirrors, headlights, tail and brake lights to ensure they're all operating properly.
  • Keep informed about the weather, and allow yourself extra time to make a trip when weather is inclement.

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