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Spate of charges filed against Floyd Co. woman accused of leaving four-year-old in car

A Floyd County woman was arrested last week after police say her 4-year-old child was playing in traffic. Myra P. Moore, 31, of Martin, was arrested November 23 at the Shopper’s Village Wal-Mart in Prestonsburg after witnesses observed Moore’s 4-year-old child running out into traffic. According to the police report, when officer Zack Clark arrived on the scene, he "observed the 4-year-old child get out the front passenger door and run around the car out into traffic lane." Clark says in the report that the vehicle was left running.

In the report, Clark alleges that another witness also saw the child exit the car and run into the road twice, saw the child in the driver's seat pulling on the steering wheel, and that the mother had not checked on child in 20 minutes.

Clark alleges that he was on the scene with the child for 15 minutes before contact was made with the mother. Clark described the outside temperature as near freezing. Moore was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment, possession of a controlled substance, prescription not in original container, and improper parking in a fire lane. The child was remanded into the custody of social services, who placed the child with Moore’s sister.

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