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More details emerge about fire chief's house burning down

Prestonsburg Fire Chief Bobby Carpenter found himself in a familiar situation, but in an unfamiliar role, as he watched his home go up in flames last Thursday night.

Carpenter had just returned home from a rescue squad meeting and delivered some dinner to his son when he went next door to visit his father. Moments later, his son came running, saying, “The house is on fire.”

Carpenter called 911 to report the fire, then donned his fire gear and went right to work, just as he would at any other fire. He first rescued his dogs from the home, and by that time, the fire engines had begun to arrive.

Carpenter said he was in “chief mode” initially, as he busied himself with helping his fellow firefighters begin the work of putting out the blaze. But after someone asked him if there was any way to help and he asked that person to call his wife to tell her the house was on fire, he said the “stress and excitement” of the situation became too much for him.

Carpenter bought the house back in 2001 and said that, other than a single electrical outlet that had shorted out in 2002, he had never had any electrical problems in the house. He said the wiring that caused the fire was installed when the house was built, years before he moved in. Carpenter also noted that an insurance fire reconstruction specialist and an electrical engineer had inspected the home Monday and came to the same conclusion as other investigators that this was accidental in nature.

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