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Murder suspect explains how medication affected his mindset

Berry Hall says a misdiagnosis by his family doctor and an incorrect prescription of medicine are to blame for the deaths of Alan and Lisa Tackett. He is still on trial for double murder following the 2008 shooting deaths of his neighbors, Alan and Lisa Tackett.

On Monday in Floyd County Circuit Court, Hall was called to testify by his defense counsel. Hall said that before the shootings, he was being treated for depression and stress by his family physician Dr. Charles Hieronymous.

Hall said that Dr. Hieronymous prescribed Hall the wrong medication, and that it actually made his symptoms worse. “It was making stress worse and stuff because I was having to fight medication off, you know.” Hall said after a while, his mediation was switched again. “I went plumb out of my damn mind on that stuff.”

The trial of Berry Hall will continues as the defense continues to call witnesses.

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