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Sad day for Prestonsburg: old Prestonsburg Elementary to be leveled, Jerry's to close

Plans have been announced to demolish the old Prestonsburg Elementary School.

The Prestonsburg Grade School was a Depression-era building crafted out of the Works Program Administration (WPA) and is expected to be completely torn down over the next two weeks. The school opened Sept. 30, 1940, and cost what seems now like an incredibly modest $200,000 to build. If you put that number against the rate of inflation, it would be like a project costing $3.2 million today.

Crews will begin tearing out the interior Wednesday, until only a shell remains. After that, the whole building will be brought down. The fate of the new addition of the school, which housed the the cafeteria and gymnasium, has yet to be determined.

Adding to the week for disappearing landmarks, Jerry’s Restaurant also took steps to close its doors, deleting one more icon from the Prestonsburg landscape. On Feb. 12, Jerry’s, a mainstay eatery in Prestonsburg, will close its doors for the last time. Tuesday, J.T. Absher, owner of the Jerry’s property, released a statement regarding the decision to close the restaurant. Absher specifically listed Boyd Thompson, the former manager of Jerry’s, for being the heart of the restaurant. According to Absher, the closing of Jerry’s will not negatively affect any of the other properties owned by Absher Enterprises LLC or J&B Seafoods LLC.

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