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One step meth labs crop up across Knott Co.

It is an epidemic that has destroyed the lives of many people across the region and nearly everyone has said its effects hurt more than just the people who use it. Law enforcement officials in Knott County said they had some unexpected and unwanted surprises from the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012.

The past few months they've been encountering a lot of one-step meth labs, according to Dale Richardson, the Knott County Sheriff. Richardson said he is not happy about what he has seen. Richardson said that his sheriff's deputies received a call of a suspicious car in the Big Branch neighborhood which turned out to be an on-the-go one-step meth lab. There were three people parked near a mobile home that they did not live in. Deputies said it appeared they just brought a backpack full of ingredients and picked that particular spot to make the drugs. The mobile home was located only a few hundred feet from Big Branch Baptist Church which has a private school, Bethel Christian Academy, inside of it.

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