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Citizens, journalists, officials air out wastwater concerns

Recent reports of the severe pollution from the Martin wastewater treatment plant have stirred a lot of questions. County officials responded last week to questions asked in a recent editorial from the Floyd County Times. The city of Martin has come under fire over the last two weeks, after violations of gross pollution from the city’s wastewater treatment plant were made public. In that editorial last week, the Times asked why it took so long for the problem to come to light and, more importantly, just what is being done about it? County officials say they have done all they could. According to County Attorney Keith Bartley, county officials negotiated their contract with the city of Martin last February for the treatment of the water from the Garth Hollow landfill. Bartley said it wasn’t until Martin began billing the county at a rate four times higher than agreed upon that the county started looking into other options.

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