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Your computer--and your identity--at risk from latest scam

It's an old idea with a new front, and the same goal: stealing your personal information. A new scam is on the rise and you need to be aware of this one.

Shelly Johnson with the Kentucky attorney general’s office says self-proclaimed "tech support experts" will tell a potential victim that they have received an e-mail, saying their home computer has a virus. Then the caller guides the person through a series of steps and offers to install what they call anti-virus software--software that ultimately gives them control over the victim's computer.

Johnson says reports have come in from people receiving e-mails as well, with numbers attached for the recipient to call. Don't think a phone number legitimizes the e-mail; she says those are also part of the scam, and not to call the numbers soliciting the anti-virus software.

Remember, legitimate companies like Microsoft of Cisco will never call you to offer tech support or antivirus software, and you should never download or install anything that doesn't come from a trusted vendor.

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