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West Liberty 911 back online

The final images recorded to the West Liberty Police Department camera show a Kentucky State Trooper and another man rush into the building just moments before the tornado hit the heart of town.

Mere seconds after the two make it inside, the power goes out and the camera goes black.

When the twister hit, it knocked out everything from power to phone lines, and even the 911 call center. All together, 911 services were offline for roughly 99 hours, which may sound like a long time, but if you consider the effort it takes--a typical installation would take weeks of setup up and testing--on top of the circumstances of working in a storm-ravaged area with other damaged infrastructure, a few days is an incredibly short amount of downtime.

Getting the dispatch center up and running also helped the officers on the street. While the current call center, housed a trailer, may not look like much on the outside, on the inside is a team of hard-working and caring professionals keeping the town safe and the emergency crews connected.

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