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Morgan Co. teen loses family to tornado

As more than 300 people injured in the recent storms continue to recover at UK Hospital, their heartbreaking stories are being revealed.

One teen survived the twister that destroyed his Morgan County home, but his mother, father and grandmother did not. Eric Endicott lies in a UK Hospital bed saying he's thankful and lucky to be alive today. The 18-year-old survived an EF-3 tornado that ripped through Morgan County. Endicott was thrown more than 200 feet from his home. Cinder blocks and sheet metal are all that's left of where he and his family once called home. His parents and his grandmother did not make it out alive. Charles Endicott, 52, Betty Sue Endicott, 50 and his grandmother, Elizabeth Endicott, 72, were pronounced dead at the scene. Endicott said he can still remember their last moments together.

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