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KSP alleges man posing as Red Cross volunteer stole supplies

The Red Cross has been busy helping tornado victims, but they have run into some obstacles. Kentucky State Police say a man posed as a Red Cross employee and stole a significant amount of donations.

State Police say Daniel Leland, 54, was a correctional officer and had volunteered for the Red Cross in the past. Police say Leland showed up at the Red Cross shelter in Morgan County while wearing a Red Cross jacket and took off with around $100 worth of food.

Trooper Endre Samu said they were initially led to believe he was taking these items to another county. "That proved to be inaccurate and he was taking it for personal use."

Police found the donations inside of his van. They say he gave several excuses for why he had them, but none added up. Police tell us Leland also threatened Red Cross staff members. Leland is now in jail, charged with second degree robbery.

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