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Edelen releases nasty new details about Farmer administration

State Auditor Adam Edelen has released a special examination of the administration of the former Commissioner of Agriculture Richie Farmer.

Edelen says his investigation uncovered a pattern of entitlement and self-dealing, all at Kentucky taxpayers’ expense.The report will be referred to the Kentucky Attorney General, the Executive Branch Ethics Commission, the IRS, the Kentucky Department of Revenue, the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Personnel Board.

The report details a conference hosted by the former commissioner that cost more than $96,000 of Kentucky taxpayers' money, several instances of misusing department resources and state employees for personal benefit, questionable spending of state and federal dollars (including tobacco settlement money), abuses of time sheets and travel reimbursements by employees who had close relationships with the former commissioner, numerous merit system abuses, and several other management issues.

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