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Texas inmate pulls 40% of the WV primary vote against President Obama

Just who is the man who gave President Barack Obama a run for his money in West Virginia's primary--by collecting around 40% of the Democratic votes?

Keith Russell Judd claims he's a Harvard-educated musician, the son of a 1920s actress, and a designer of the first atomic bomb. He's also inmate at a federal prison in Texas.

Voters turning out to their polling places likely didn't know he belonged to Federation of Super Heroes, or that he's doing 17 years for making threats at the University of New Mexico. They likely didn't know much of anything about the name on the ballot--but they knew he's not Obama. The president's vociferous Appalachian critics say he and the EPA are waging a war on coal, which remains a vital part of the state economy. Nearly 25,000 Democrats didn't even bother voting in the presidential race. Among those who did, Obama carried just 59 percent.

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