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Outburst in court for suspect on trial for rape

A Floyd County man charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl picked up a few extra charges after an outburst in court Tuesday during his preliminary hearing. According to court records, David Jason Slone, 38, of Wayland, did not sit quietly during his preliminary hearing, and at one point jumped up and loudly called County Attorney Keith Bartley “a [expletive] liar.”

According to Bartley, he responded to Slone in kind with his own coarse verbiage, and then later apologized to the court for the inappropriateness of his response.

Slone’s outburst came as Bartley was arguing against a bond reduction. Slone’s bond is currently set at $100,000. Bartley was informing the court that Slone had previously been convicted or charged with numerous offenses in different places and that his bond should not be lowered.

Judge Jimmy Marcum, presiding over the preliminary hearing, also responded after Slone shouted the obscenities, charging Slone with disorderly conduct.

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