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Elkhorn City looking for answers after finding $250,000 in unpaid bills

Updating a story from earlier this week on Q95 FM, officials in Elkhorn City are still searching for answers after discovering almost a quarter of a million dollars' worth of unpaid bills.

Questions arose after a city employee attempted to obtain a piece of equipment and was told that he needed to pay for it with a check at the time of the pick up. After looking into the situation, the city's mayor found the large amount in unpaid bills. A $47,000 power bill and a $30,000 water bill had accumulated along with others, all totaling nearly $250,000.

The mayor of Elkhorn City, Mike Taylor, stated that he had no idea how the bills went unpaid. The mayor and council said they were never notified about the unpaid bills. The mayor has requested a state audit in the hopes of shedding some light on what may have happened.

Kentucky state officials agreed to let the city use $250,000 in coal severance funds originally set aside for a city swimming pool to pay the bills and avoid bankruptcy. Mayor Taylor wanted residents to know that they would correct the matter and that everyone Elkhorn City owes should be paid in the next 10 days. The state audit is expected to begin in the coming days.

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