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National Weather Service surveys Magoffin County damage

They were hit hard by the March 2012 tornado outbreak, and many thought it happened again.

Strong storms ripped through Magoffin County Sunday night.

Tuesday National Weather Service officials surveyed to find out exactly what happened.

Officials say it was straight line winds that caused the destruction.

Folks who live in the area say it sounded like a freight train.

The tell tale sign of tornadoes left many on high alert when the storms tore through.

The storms left a path of uprooted trees and damaged homes.

Many who are still reeling from the March 2012 outbreak thought it happened again, but NWS officials wanted to know exactly what kind of winds caused the damage.

After surveying the storm ravaged area they decided straight line winds were the culprit.

NWS officials say this storm was a prime example of how straight line winds can be just as damaging as tornadoes.

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