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EKY elementary school cleaning up after flood

The gymnasium at Big Creek Elementary School is usually filled with the sound of little footsteps, but Tuesday the sound of squeegees echoed.

According to WYMT-TV, water poured into the school after Monday night’s rainfall causing a creek to swell so much, its banks could no longer hold it back.

School leaders say as a much as 3 1/2 feet of water flooded the school's hallways and classrooms.

“From looking this morning, it looks like the water got up to the first course of block on the interior of the hallway,” Principal Jeff Castle said.

Castle says the school building sustained mostly mud and water damage, but the kindergarten room next door to the building was destroyed. Bookshelves and chairs were tossed around and nearly everything was covered in mud.

“We weren’t planning on using that this coming school year, so I guess that would be a blessing,” Castle added.

Crews spent Tuesday mopping, scrubbing and squeegeeing; a dirty process, but one that has to be done.

“The main thing is no one got hurt, we can clean up a little mud and be ready for the upcoming year,” Castle said.

Crews do not know how long it will take to clean up.

School leaders say the last time the school flooded was 10 years ago Monday.

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