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Two snakebites in Breathitt Co. in one day

A mother says she was terrified to learn her ten-year-old son had been bitten by a copperhead. She also says she was shocked when she got to the hospital to find another set of parents going through the exact same thing

Sarah Blackburn says her son, Shane, was hiking in the Red River Gorge with a church group on Friday when he was bitten.

"He had felt what he thought was a needle or something and he looked down and everybody started yelling snake," Blackburn said.

Someone with the group took a picture of the snake before it disappeared back into the woods. It was identified as a copperhead.

Shane was brought to the Kentucky River Medical Center in Jackson.

Blackburn says a young girl’s mother told her she was playing in the front yard of their Breathitt County home when she stepped on the snake while wearing sandals.

She says Shane is on antibiotics and pain medication. She says that pain hasn't dulled his sense of humor.

Young Shane said this is my first snakebite; I sure hope it's my last.

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