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An Eastern KY Man Is Facing Charges After Giving A Tattoo To A Minor Without Consent

He allegedly gave a minor a tattoo without parental permission, now James Johnson is in jail facing second degree assault charges.
Johnson was arrested in Lexington over the weekend, for two warrants both from Harlan County. One is for possession of marijuana, and the other is for 2nd degree assault.  
A complaint says Johnson used a tattoo gun to give a minor a tattoo without permission.
He says he remembers when this happened in his neighborhood, but he says he is not responsible.
He told Mountain News from jail that he does not even know how to give someone a tattoo and that the a 2nd degree assault charge for the alleged crime is a little harsh.  
Although Johnson denies giving someone a tattoo, he isn't denying the marijuana charge.
Johnson's bail is set at $10,000 for the assault charge and $2,000 for the marijuana charge.

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