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Complaint filed on Belfry sewer project

Some folks in Pike County say they have been fighting for sewer service for more than one decade.

According to WYMT - TV folks in Belfry say 13 years is too long to wait for public sewer service.

Mountain Water District officials say the only issue is funding.

Since 2009 they have gotten nearly $3 million, about half of what they need, and have considered scaling back plans for the plant.

Harris says many of the people who would be affected right away by a new sewer system live right in the Belfry area along Murphy Bottom Road, and he says because they do not have waste water systems right now much of their waste is being pumped right back into the streams.

They do not understand why $3 million is not enough, so they filed a complaint putting the whole project on hold until the PSC is finished reviewing it.

Both sides say they are hopeful the project can move forward soon.

The PSC is currently reviewing the complaint.

Mountain Water District officials say they cannot move forward on any plans until the complaint is resolved.

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