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UPDATE : Myra Castle motion for new manslaughter trial denied by Johnson Circuit Judge

A hearing was held on Wednesday in Johnson Circuit Court in the case of Myra Castle. Castle was convicted last month on manslaughter and DUI charges in connection with the death of CJ Mollett. Castles attorneys filed a  motion seeking a new trial on the basis that they felt one of the jurors in the case knew more about the case than she revealed during jury selection. Defense attorneys alleged that one of the jurors in the case had a son who was friends with CJ Mollett and that the juror in question failed to give that information to the court during jury selection. Both prosecution and defense attorneys questioned the juror during the hearing at which time the juror in question denied knowing the deceased or having any knowledge of the case prior to hearing testimony at the trial. Judge John David Preston issued an order in the case stating that the court finds from the evidence that the juror had little or no knowledge relating to CJ Mollett. The court also finds that the juror did not answer any questions untruthfully, and did not fail to answer any questions that she should have answered. The court concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support any allegation of juror misconduct in the case, therefore the defendant's motion to alter, amend or vacate the decision was denied. Q95 news spoke with Commonwealth Attorney Tony Skeans this morning who said "it was clear that no juror misconduct was present" and that "this was just a case of someone attempting to make something out of something that wasn't there".

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