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Officials investigating crash involving school bus in Magoffin County

Q95 news has learned that a Magoffin County school bus was involved in a crash this morning in downtown Salyersville. Superintendent of Magoffin County schools Stanley Holbrook, spoke with us this morning concerning the accident saying a bus was stopped in front of the Super America to pick up a child when the bus was rear-ended by an oncoming SUV. Police say the SUV pushed the bus forward 17 feet. 47 children were on board the bus when the accident occurred. Holbrook said none of the children seemed to be seriously injured but six were transported to area hospitals due to head and neck pains. The driver of the SUV whose name has not been released was transported to the hospital as well. Fifteen other children who were on the bus have since been picked up by parents from school and taken for medical treatment as a precaution. Superintendent Holbrook noted that the driver of the bus was complaining of back pain but was more concerned for the safety of the children on board than his own health. Holbrook also noted that he was thankful that the child who was preparing to enter the bus when the accident occurred was able to back away from the bus and avoid what could have been a tragedy. Police are continuing to investigate the accident. Holbrook said he was on the way to an early appointment this morning when he came upon the accident. Q95 news will continue to follow this developing story.

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