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The following rules apply to all contests aired on WQHY FM, WDOC AM,,,, or Click the ? next to a rule for more information.

  1. You have to be familiar with our terms of service and privacy policy before entering. Entering a contest means implicit agreement to those terms. [?]
    • The terms of service and our privacy policy outline our responsibilities, liabilities, and the ways we use the information you provide. There is also a link to them at the very bottom of every page. Unlike most such documents you've encountered online, ours is short and clearly worded in plain English. It's also a good idea to check out the online safety page to learn more about how to protect yourself and your family online.
    • Of special relevance to the contests is point number 1 of the terms of service: we maintain the right to modify or remove content and services at any time, including contests.
  2. You must be 13 years old or older to enter. [?]
    • Certain contests may have higher age limits, but no contest is ever open to anyone under 13.
    • Winners of the Birthday Club contest may be under 13, or any age, so long as they were entered by someone over 13.
    • Read the terms of the specific contest you're entering to see if there are additional rules regarding age.
  3. Only one entry per person, family and/or household per day will be considered. [?]
    • This rule prevents "ballot stuffing" by contest entrants. Trying to enter multiple times in one drawing period is pointless--only the first entry received will be considered in the drawing. The rest are deleted to keep the drawing itself fair. This is done by a human being, not a computer program that can be tricked, so don't bother trying.
    • The drawing period is different for different contests--the Reel 2 Reel Trivia Challenge and Birthday Club are every weekday, and the Top 5 @ 5 and Connect & Win contests are drawn weekly. Occasionally, we might have a special "New Way to Win," and it could let you enter once a day, once a week, only one time, or as often as you like! The bottom line is, read the specifics for each contest. If you don't win, of course you're welcome to enter again next time!
    • We understand that sometimes a form might send itself twice, or perhaps a couple of your friends might sign you up for the Birthday Club, so multiple entries don't disqualify you--all but the first entry are simply overlooked. Only in egregious cases will multiple entries disqualify you from being eligible to win at all.
    • Part of the form submission is your IP address, a unique identifier your computer uses on the internet. This makes it doubly pointless to spoof our forms with multiple entries; if we see 6 entries from one IP address over the span of 20 minutes, we can tell you're stuffing the ballot box, and all those entries will get thrown out.
  4. All entry forms must be accurately and completely filled out. [?]
    • The reasons we ask for your information are outlined in our privacy policy.
  5. All prizes must be claimed within two calendar weeks at the studios of WQHY FM in Prestonsburg KY by the winner unless other arrangements have been made, or prizes will become the property of WQHY FM and WDOC AM. A photo ID may be requested. [?]
    • We may require a photo ID to prove the right person is picking up a prize.
    • As stipulated in our terms of service, it is never our responsibility to contact entrants to inform them they've won a contest. It is always the responsibility of entrants to check the relevant winners list to see if they win.
    • Some prizes may be time-sensitive, e.g. tickets to an event happening this week. In this case, of course, the prize must be claimed sooner.
    • If you need to make any special arrangements for claiming or deferring your prize, just e-mail Carla or Aaron or call the station (numbers are listed on our Contact page) to sort it out.
    • Prizes should be claimed Monday - Friday, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. or between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Again, if you need to make special arrangements, contact us.
  6. ONE winner per family and/or household per 30 days. [?]
    • Just like we look out for multiple entries, we look out to make sure no person wins more than they should. Winners' names are reviewed against existing winners lists to make sure they haven't won anything in the past month.
    • Again, this process is done by a human being, so please don't bother trying to get around it.
  7. WQHY / WDOC staff members or their families are not eligible. [?]
    • These contests are for our listeners, not us.

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The studios of WQHY-FM and WDOC-AM are at 95 Jackson Street, Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653.

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