Barbourville Shooting Sends One Man to Hospital and Other to Jail

In Barbourville, a shooting Saturday night left one man injured and another in jail. The incident took place around midnight when Kentucky State Police received a shoots fired call that led them to the home of Jason Marsee of Barbourville. After an altercation at the residence, Marsee shot Ford Collett, who was flown via helicopter to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Marsee was arrested on the scene, and police discovered he had an outstanding warrant that was not related to the shooting. The condition of Collett, who received a single gunshot wound, is unknown at this time.

Two Arrested For Indecent Exposure Incident at Pike County Walmart

Two men were arrested Saturday afternoon for indecent exposure at the South Williamson Walmart in Pike County. A video had been posted on the internet Wednesday showing a man running through the store naked while pouring milk on himself and yelling that he was on fire. The video went viral and had been viewed hundreds of times before youtube removed it for violating nudity clauses. The man was wearing nothing more than shoes, socks, and a Halloween mask during the incident. David Daniels and Timothy Smith were arrested for the incident Saturday afternoon. Both were then taken to the Pike County Detention Center and are being held without bond until a court appearance can take place.

Three Hurt in Bell County Car Crash

Three people were injured in a car accident that happened Saturday evening in Bell County. Dispatchers were called to the scene where a blue Honda Civic is said to have lost control and went into the lane of an oncoming Ford truck. The crash happened on Highway 221 in Right Fork. The driver, Catherine Rogers, was then flown to Holston Valley Medical Center to treat her injuries. The Ford’s passengers were under the age of 18. An additional car was struck by a wheel that had been in the truck’s bed, but no other injuries were reported.

Floyd County Pedestrian Dead After Being Struck by Car

In Floyd County, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle yesterday on Highway 80 near Martin. The incident happened last night and closed down a section of the highway. The person hit was initially said to be in critical condition, but later died. It is unknown what caused the accident to happen and the victim’s name has not been released at this time.

Estill County Police Seize Large Amount of Cocaine and Heroin

Police in Estill County found more than 7,000 dollars worth of illegal drugs yesterday as part of an ongoing investigation. While none of the names of the people arrested in connection with the drugs has been released, police in Irvine were said to have found 65 grams of cocaine and five grams of heroin in the drug bust.

Counterfeit Bills Circulating In Whitley County

In Whitley County, police are alerting everyone that counterfeit money is in circulation in the county. The fake money is said to be 20 bills. A person attempted to use one of the bills at a local store on Highway 26 and the sheriff said the bills look and feel real. However with the use of detector pens, the money is found to be fake. The date for the fake bills is 2009 and they have a serial number of JE21179888G.

Knox County Cracking Down On Non-Paying Child Support Offenders

Police in Knox County are letting people who don’t pay child support know they will be facing jail time. Knox County Attorney Gilbert Holland said if everyone was ordered to pay child support, roughly 2.4 million dollars would be collected each year in that county alone. The Sheriff’s Department had a round-up yesterday and said 177 people in the county are wanted for non-support. Officials in the county said they are committed to bringing people with delinquent payments to jail.

Three People Go To Hospital After Car/Motorcycle Collision in Floyd County

An accident in Floyd County yesterday sent three people to the hospital. Just before 2pm yesterday near Harold, an 89 year old man pulled out in front of an oncoming motorcycle. A man and woman were on the bike and both were taken to a local hospital. The two were reported to be in stable condition but did suffer injuries. The driver of the car was also taken as a precautionary measure. The section of US 23 was closed for some time, but reopened once the scene was clear. The names of the three people involved have not been released.

Prestonsburg Home Damaged By Fire Yesterday

A two story home in Prestonsburg was damaged by fire early yesterday morning. The fire took place on South Highland Avenue, causing significant damage to the home’s first floor. Prestonsburg Fire Chief Bobby Carpenter said the homeowner was out of town. Firefighters were on the scene around 3:15am and while still under investigation, it is believed a car had caught on fire before the home.

Police Search For Hit and Run Suspect in London

A hit and run accident in London has local police searching for the driver of the car who left the scene. Two vehicles were coming to a stop light when a car described as a dark red or maroon Jeep Cherokee rear ended the car in front of it. The Cherokee then went into reverse and crossed the median to leave the scene. The victim was not able to get a license plate number but the vehicle should have front end damage. Anyone with information is encouraged to phone 606-878-7004.