The Kentucky Senate approves an anti abortion bills

This past Monday, The Kentucky Senate approved a bill that would ensure doctors will perform ultrasounds on pregnant women seeking abortion. In this bill, the the woman is allowed to not look at the images without fear of being reprimanded, her doctor would have to give her a medical depiction of the pictures, in addition to the size of the unborn child and the existence of it’s internal organs. The bill passed 32- to 4, as it is a part of a course of policies being driven by anti abortion challengers. Governor Matt Bevin has already signed a bill updating the state’s knowledgeable law.

Man and Woman wanted for theft

Jackson Police Department are requesting the aid of the public in identifying a man and woman. They say the couple are wanted in questioning for a stolen Dell computer and 24 inch tv that was stolen from a Jackson Walmart, they are asking if you have any information that could help, you are encouraged to call 606 6662424

Crash in Ashland kills Boyd man

Truman Blevins SR, 72, was walking his dogs across Ramey Street in Ashland when a vehicle driven by Corey Mills, 33 struck him. Blevins was airlifted to a hospital nearby, but he later died. The driver of the vehicle didn’t sustain any injuries, and drug paraphernalia and controlled substances were later found in his possession, he was charged along with an bench warrant he already had for not showing up for driving on a suspended license. Officials are still investigating the crash.

Remembering the 1958 Bus Crash

On Febuary 28th, 1958, 26 of the 48 students died after the the bus clipped a truck on old US 23, and plunged into the Big Sandy River, the bus driver died as well. The bus strayed off the highway, down an 80 foot embankment, and into the river. There were 22 survivors; however, several families lost one or more children. The Goble family lost them all. It wasn’t until May 10th all bodies were found and pulled out of the river. There was speculation on whether the bus had malfunctioned, or if it was a driver error. The Floyd County Rescue Squad formed shortly after this incident as a means to prevent any other tragedies. There are several different memorials to remember the lost lives from that day. The event is still the worst school bus crash in our nation’s history.

A historical building has been damaged

The Lawrence county EMS states it happened on Main Street near the Inez Deposit Bank. Crews worked for hours trying to ensure the fire wouldn’t spread and damage other homes and buildings. The Stewart Mayo house could be the oldest arrangement in Louisa. Luckily no one was inside at the time. There is still no word on what caused the fire.

Installment 6 of the audit watch

This is installment 6 of our in-depth analysis of the December 2015 audit of the city of Prestonsburg. In this section the state Auditor of Public Accounts highlighted some questionable spending practices. The city was presented with two hotel bills, which were not properly documented. The offending visits were categorized as training expenses, though the purchase orders did not offer and details about the location of the training or the dates attended. According to the auditor there were twenty checks written, totaling just under 56-hundered dollars. Since we are not presented with a breakdown of the budget we can only guess that this broke the city’s meal policy. Each worker is granted a $25 dollar meal budget, if the event warrants an overnight stay. This policy does not cover events that are located within 50 miles of city hall. According to Mayor Les Stapleton the city has worked to correct these egregious acts. According to the city’s corrective Action Plan the city has not only established a Purchas Order processing system, it has created an accountability system. This is Patrick Davis reporting for Q95 News.

Another name has been added to a fraud case In Paintsville

Eulas Crace is accused of bribing Mayor Bob Porter with funds disguised as personal loans to Porter’s wife. Allegedly, in exchange for money Porter would steer the city’s towing needs to Crace’s business, and was given public contracts. In a separate allegation, Porter gave Crace these contracts without bidding them out. The indictment also claims that Porter and Crace created false invoices to steal over 5,000 dollars from the city. These charges are being added to ones Porter and former Utilities manager Larry Herald are already facing.

3 Eastern Kentucky officials are facing federal indictment.

Several people have been accused of paying money in trade for votes in Magoffin County. According to the indictment, Judge Executive Charles “Doc” Hardin, County Clerk Renee Arnett Shepherd and Magistrate Gary “Rooster” Risner. Hardin and Shepherd, while being listed in the indictment, are not being charged. The Risners, Daniels and McCarty had previously faced election fraud charges in relation to an election last November. The legitimacy of Hardin’s 2014 win was questioned due to an unprecedented amount of absentee votes. The judge ended up dismissing the accusation, and Hardin stayed in office.

A local college is hosting a debate.

Big sandy community and technical college’s Prestonsburg Campus is organizing an event for democratic hopefuls for the senate on Monday, Febuary 29 from 6:45pm until 8:05. 6 of the 7 Kentucky candidates will be appearing. The participants will include Ron Leach of Brandenburg Kentucky, Jeff Kender from Pike County, Rory Houlian of Corbin, Thomas K Recktenwald of Louisville, Sellus Wilder of Frankfort and Jim Gray of Lexington. This event is free and the public is invited to attend. The theater will be open at 6:30 pm, the event will kick off around 6:45 and the candidates will provide their opening statements at 7:00 pm.

February 26 2016 Weather Closings

Harlan County Public- Closed

Pike County Public -1 Hr Delay

Wise Co. VA- 2 Hr Delay