A West Virginia man has been sentenced for sexual misconduct

32 year old Ryan Waugh of Stollings admitted to having intercourse with two female students at Logan High school. He also admitted to distributing and receiving lewd content. Waugh was the assistant girls basketball and baseball coach at the school, but he resigned those positions in the spring. Yesterday a judge sentenced him to 10 years for each count, but allowed the sentence to be served concurrently. Waugh has also been ordered to serve 20 years of supervised release.

Kentucky legislators have approved their first bill of 2016

The legislation defines “informed consent” for women who are seeking an abortion in the Commonwealth. The current law requires women to speak with a doctor at least 24 hours before the procedure, but allows for the consultation to occur over the phone. This new legislation requires those meetings to happen in person or via video conference. The Kentucky branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has released a statement, saying that adding video conferencing does not make the legislation neutral or non-burdensome. A spokesperson for Governor Bevin’s office said he intends to sign the bill.

A freedom industry executive received probation

Former environmental consultant Robert Reynolds walked out of court with probation and a significant fine. He is the first of the six executives who are facing sentencing this month for the 2014 incident that dumped thousands of gallons of a mining agent into the Elk River. The spill tainted the water supply for over 300-thousand West Virginians. During an August 19th hearing, Reynolds pled guilty to violating the Federal Clean Water act. Yesterday he was sentenced to three years of probation and a 10-thousand dollar fine. Former plant manager, Michael Burdette, will face sentencing tomorrow.

Freedom industries executives will face sentencing this month

Two years ago a facility near Charleston spilled mining chemicals into the Elk River. The incident not only soiled the drinking water for 300-thousand West Virginians, it also caused scares as far away in Cincinnati. Ex-plant manager Michael Burdette and environmental consultant Robert Reynolds will be sentenced this week. The company could be slapped with up to 900-thousand dollars in fines. While most of the executives are looking at 1 year sentences and minor fines, company owner Gary Southern could serve three years in prison with a 300-thousand dollar fine. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

A famous legislator and civil-rights leader has passed away

92 year old Georgia Davis Powers of Louisville died on Saturday morning. Powers broke two barriers in Kentucky politics when she became the first woman and African-American elected to the state senate. She was able to boast a 21 year career in that governing body. Powers gained national attention when she claimed to of had an affair with Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. In her autobiography “I shared the dream”, she said the affair lasted until he was assassinated in 1968.


Photo Credited to the Lexington Herald Leader

State Democrats have announced their new party chair

On Saturday, the Kentucky Democratic Party Executive Committee voted to place Representative Sannie Overly to the position. Overly’s chief duty in this position will be to maintain control of the House of Representatives. Currently Kentucky’s house is the last one in the south controlled by the Democrats, who maintain a 4 vote majority. Overly has her work cut out for her, since a March 8th special election could fill four empty seats with Republicans. Overly is the first woman to fill this position.

Two men escape a Pike County blaze

Firefighters responded the Robinson Creek residence at 5pm on Saturday. When they arrived on scene the house was fully engulfed, and flames were visible through the roof. According to officials, the fire started after a gas explosion. Two fire departments worked for 5 hours to extinguish the flames. The two men were transported to Cabell-Huntington Hospital with severe burns. Unfortunately, the family pets were not able to escape the inferno.

Two law enforcement agencies crossed state lines to ensure driver safety

The Kentucky and Virginia State Police worked together to curve traffic accidents along US 460. In a statement from post 9 in Pikeville Trooper Steven Mounts says the two agencies focused on seat belt use, speeding, reckless and impaired driving. The traffic safety checkpoint and saturated patrols along the US 460 near the Kentucky and Virginia line resulted in 49 citations being issued.  In addition, officials took 9 commercial vehicles out of service after they failed inspection.


Photo credited to KSP post 9

Officials have decided to shutter a local Elementary School

Updated Story:

Officials have decided to shutter a local Elementary School. A recent inspection of Meade Elementary in Johnson County found significant damage to the ceiling joist. According to Superintendent Tom Salyer closing the school was the only option *audio cut 1* on Monday Meade students will begin attending Johnson Central Elementary. When asked if they planned to build a new school in the Meade district, officials said they were unsure.









A recent inspection of Meade Elementary in Johnson County found significant structural damage. During their meeting yesterday, the Johnson County board of Education deemed the building unsafe and decided to consolidate it into the Johnson Central District. While students have been excused from classes today, on Monday Meade students will begin attending Johnson Central Elementary. When asked if they planned to build a new school in the Meade district, officials said they were unsure.


Officials in Martin County made a shocking discovery yesterday

The Martin County Sheriff’s department announced that it found 720 pounds of high explosives yesterday. The “wethole bags” are used in mining and are a mixture of diesel fuel and fertilizer. According to the departments Facebook page the explosives were recently stolen from a local mine. Local authorities will collaborate with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to investigate the incident. In a statement, Sheriff John Kirk said he “is very pleased this highly explosive material was recovered before it could be used in a harmful way”.