Birthday Club

First off, we at Q95FM want to thank each and everyone of you in the community for participating in our Birthday Club Contests!

If you don’t get the Dairy Queen cake, be sure to participate on some of our other contests here and on the radio to win more prizes!

Be sure to check out our GIVE-AWAY each month and enter every chance you get to win!!

Congrats to all our listeners who win:)


  • March 24- Mackenna Johnson of Bevinsville (picked up)
  • March 23- Jessie Hackworth of Prestonsburg (picked up)
  • March 22- Tristen Michael Lee Rogers of McDowell (picked up)
  • March 21- Clayton Johnson of Blue River
  • March 20- No Winner
  • March 17- Joan Ousley of Martin
  • March 16- Maddie Meade of Wheelwright
  • March 15- Shaun Sword of Pikeville
  • March 14- Christina Derossett Blue River (picked up)
  • March 13- No Winner
  • March 10- Susan Spurlock of Prestonsburg

Reel 2 Reel

Reel 2 Reel winners can pick up two (2) movie passes to the Main Street Cinemas in Inez, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Tickets are valid for two weeks after winner is announced.  See Rules for guidelines



  • March 24- April Hill of Wheelwright (picked up)
  • March 23- Shawn Burkett of Auxier
  • March 22- Kaitlyn Teel of Langley (picked up)
  • March 21- No Winner
  • March 20- Summer Tackett of Weeksbury (picked up)
  • March 17- No Winner
  • March 16- Jonathon Meade of Thelma
  • March 15- Same Lowe of Inez
  • March 14- No Winner
  • March 13- Amy Manns of Salyersville (mailed 3/15/17)
  • March 10- Christina Morris of Prestonsburg