Birthday Club

First off, we at Q95FM want to thank each and everyone of you in the community for participating in our Birthday Club Contests!

If you don’t get the Dairy Queen cake, be sure to participate on some of our other contests here and on the radio to win more prizes!

Be sure to check out our GIVE-AWAY each month and enter every chance you get to win!!

Congrats to all our listeners who win:)



  • June 26-No Winner
  • June 23 – Travis Rowe of Teaberry
  • June 22- Chase Hunt of Martin
  • June 21 – Aiva Norris of Salyersville
  • June 20- Justine Ray of Pikeville
  • June 19- Seth Hall of Harold (Picked Up)
  • June 16- Shelby Lemaster of Staffordsville
  • June 15- No Winner
  • June 14- Bertha Mitchell of Prestonsburg (picked up)
  • June 13- Tanie Mullins of Weeksbury (picked up)
  • June 12- Ryan Smith of Stanville
  • June 9- Nathan Horn of Paintsville

Reel 2 Reel

Reel 2 Reel winners can pick up two (2) movie passes to the Mayo Plaza Movies in Paintsville, Kentucky, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Tickets are valid for two weeks after winner is announced.  See Rules for guidelines



  • June 26- No Winner
  • June 22-No Winner
  • June 20- Ruth Poe of Tram
  • June 19- Todd Hudspeth of Garrett
  • June 16- No Winner
  • June 15- Beatrice Meade of McDowell
  • June 14- Tristen Rogers of McDowell (picked up)
  • June 13- Aaron Ward of Elkhorn City
  • June 12- Chris Poe of Blue River (picked up)
  • June 9- Michelle Robbins of Salyersville (picked up)